We Are Revolution [FREE LP]

by Scream Machine

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A collection of our best anti-Establishment tracks, including 3 that have never been released until now!


released November 17, 2012

G. Mann; B. Hopson;

"Them Watching": G. Mann; B. Meyers
"I Will Not Bow": G. Mann; D. Mann



all rights reserved


Scream Machine Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mixing dance beats and electro bass with more traditional percussion, industrial sounds, ominous guitars and Scream Machine frontwoman SinDelle Morte’s alternately sexy and ripping vocals, Scream Machine is not your everyday mainstream industrial sound. “It’s INDUSTRIAL. It’s supposed to be hard and heavy and gritty and nasty-sounding. We want to kind of get away from that over-processed sound.” ... more

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Track Name: Intensity [2010]
Late night TV, talk shows, television
White bread, inbred, corn-fed, circumcision
Pop star, rock star, too far, proposition
Brand name, play game, feed brain, indecision
Advertise. Mesmerize.

Feed us with the TV, raise us on the news
Beat us if we disagree, beat us if we question you
Spoon it into our brains until we’re totally insane
Talking heads climb in our beds, so eager to explain
Hypnotize. Mesmerize.
Advertise. Intensify.

Newsstand, off-brand, big fan, cataclysm
Dark side, free ride, no pride, split decision
Healthcare, clean air, be fair, their provision
Oil spill, refill, global chill, supervision
Advertise. Mesmerize.


Feed us with the TV
Raise us on the news

Cartoons, barstools, born fools, skepticism
Gallup poll, stolen soul, know your role, exorcism
Rat race, misplace, just erase, tunnel vision
Submit, eat shit, just quit, your decision
Advertise. Mesmerize.


Track Name: The Sick [2012]
Been awake for days and
My brain is thinking crazy
Don’t think that you can save me
I had it coming, maybe

I couldn’t brave the empty
I couldn’t face the tempting
I just succumb and lately
I feel my faith is fading

Yeah, my faith is fading…

Took a pill for my head
Try to stop the brain dead
Try to erase what they said
See, I have been so mislead

I was a non-believer
Fell victim to deceivers
I couldn’t face it either
Burning with the fever

Burning with the fever…

We are the sick
We are the discontent
We don’t submit
We cannot break or bend

We stand and fall
We seek to own the night
And we will crawl
Before we fail to fight

We are the sick
We are the new disease
Don’t miss a trick
The parasites and sleaze

We came to die
And we are not afraid
You feed us lies
We shove them back in your face

Disease is taking over
The end is getting closer
Resistance getting lower
Reactions getting slower

Infection in the bloodstream
Feeling cold and unclean
Freedom is a pipedream
Break away the old dream

Break away the old dream…



Track Name: War Face [2012]
The more you see, the less you know
Gotta open up your eyes
Gotta see the way to go
It’s WAR, motherfucker
And every eye is on YOU
They want to tell you how to live
They want to tell you what to do
It’s a power-grab
It’s an act of WAR
It’s treasonous
And it’s an open door
Gotta see the light
You’re running out of time
It’s make or break
You gotta realize:
It’s a system fail
It’s a catastrophe
Everything’s for sale
And it’s a blasphemy
It’s time to take it back
It’s time to stand and fight
It’s time to counteract
Cuz in the dead of night
When they hunt you down
You’re going to know the truth
And they put your head
Tight inside the noose
You’re gonna know it’s over and
It’s all been lost
Freedom wasn’t worth the cost

It’s war

See the writing on the wall
If you don’t stand and fight
Then you can take a fall
They’re taking over
Time is up
And free is never free enough
It’s heart attack for the entire nation
First shot fired for subjugation
It’s WAR, motherfucker
It’s a long way down
Heavy is the head that
Wears the crown
Track Name: Big Brother [2009]
Times are changing, they are changing
You’re whole life is rearranging
Never fear, Big Brother’s here!!
Come to take the wheel and steer!
Drive you to your destination
Rewarding your procrastination
So just relax, don’t stress yourself
Big Brother’s here and he can help!

Help us. Tell us. Sell us. Begin

Take our freedoms one by one
Replace them with the ones you choose
We don’t need our freedoms because
What we need more is an excuse

Things are falling, it’s appalling
Economy is all but crawling
Don’t be afraid, we’ve got it made
Just get in line for clinic aid!
He’s fixing all your aches and pains
In return, turn off your brains
Don’t think about the things you’ve lost
Freedom isn’t worth the cost


Don’t be afraid
We’ve got it made


Things are trying. Yes, we’re dying
But you can’t say he isn’t trying
Don’t be scared. Big Brother cares!
Come to make the world more fair.
Give to those that don’t deserve it
Nobody’s plan is ever perfect
Nothing left for you to do
Everything is done for you

Track Name: Them Watching [ft. Baldii McGuiness][2012]
Every day I see their faces
Backwards running their rat-races
All the time, they’re out of time
Frozen up and left behind

Empty bags of flesh, they come
Lemmings falling, one by one
Watch them take themselves apart
Dying turned into an art

I’m watching
Them watching



Now the time is coming down
When the fucking underground
Rises up to meet the day
Blows this masquerade away

Kill the zombies, take the head
Reigning in a sea of RED
Watch them crumble as they go
Butcher baby, take it slow
Track Name: I Will Not Bow [ft. David Mann][2012]
It happens everyday
They take your life away
And freedom is a choice
But you don't have a voice

Can't repair this timed-out system
Looking back we had no choice
The future isn't so far distant
Hear the lies through all the noise

I will not bow

The time has come to take a side and
Decide who you want to be
Revolution. Rebel rising.
The time has come to flee or bleed

I will not bow

You can't escape the truth
They live your life for you
Just pieces at a time
How could you be so blind?



Track Name: Apocalypse Now [2011]
It’s breaking apart
We’re facing the dark
It’s coming undone
There’s nowhere to run

Soon the world comes crashing down
It almost seems deliberate now
No one really gives a fuck
Everybody just gives up

Leaving nothing in their wake
Green. Obscene. It’s such a fake
Taking most of all the best
Leaving ghosts. Just waste the rest

Apocalypse Now

Take away the dope and the industries.
Take away the lessons learned.
Take away the crimes of humanity.
Take it all away and let it burn.

It’s almost too late
We’re tempting our Fate
It’s getting too deep
We’re ready to bleed




It’s breaking apart
We’re facing the dark
It’s getting too deep
We’re ready to bleed



Track Name: Garbagehead [2011]
You’re taking what they give ya
You put it to the test
Your mind digests the trivia
You swallow all the rest

They’re giving you the business
You take it like a man
We’re all here to bear witness
It’s all part of the plan

We are Garbagehead
We’re eating up the lies
We are Garbagehead
Living to deny

We are Garbagehead
We can’t climb out of it
We are Garbagehead
Pollute our brains with shit

Breaking down the image
Take it all inside
Until you get the picture
Til your brain is fried

They hold your soul for ransom
Give it if you pay
But you’re so fucking numb
It all just fades away

Feeding us with the tv
Raising us on the news
Programmed to agree
With what they give to you

You cannot fight against it
Your brain has been enslaved
And no one gives a shit
There is no will or way…
Track Name: The Game [2011]
Break apart the system
Dire contradiction
Always your predictions
Making your decisions

Camouflage your mission
Beat us to submission
Dirty proposition
Mold it to your vision

Take apart the dream
And it isn’t what it seems
Rip apart our souls just to
Keep us in control

Break apart our lives
And you’re poisoning our minds
Fill them with your shame
This is how we play the game

Semi-conscious victims
Bowing to your wisdom
Dying of the symptoms
Living contradictions

Power you’ve been given
Motivation hidden
Victory. You’re driven
Scapegoat is the villain

Track Name: Zero [2010]
Here comes the pain
Open wide and say AAAAAAAHHHH
Pick your brain. Don’t forget to pray.
It’s all an act you are meant to see
Under attack. Never really be free.
Here comes the train
Fuck your pride and thank God
It’s insane. They took it all away.

T-minus 5 seconds

We are at ZERO
It ends in nothing
They weren’t bluffing
It ends in
We are at ZERO
It’s all for nothing
It ends in nothing

Here comes the end
Hit your knees and say AAAAAAHH
Just pretend. Don’t forget to bend.
They talk the talk. You can’t help but see
They walk the walk. And you will never be.
You can’t defend
Against the man they call God
They intend for you to just depend.
Track Name: Toxic Agenda [2012]
Swallow it down
Don’t even breathe
Don’t be alarmed
Don’t try to see

Keep them asleep
As long as you can
Feeding the sheep
Faking a stand

Watch how they fall
So well into line
Marching to war
And leave them behind

Make them believe
As hard as they should
Killing them slowly
It’s for their own good

We have control of you

Help them along
Herd them in line
Weak from the strong
One at a time

Show them the way
Push them to fail
Heading them off
Making the sale

Talking the talk
And selling the lies
They can’t penetrate
Your empty disguise

Fighting themselves
And blinded by greed
Empty as shells
And guilty with need