Sinister Flesh

by Scream Machine

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According to one reviewer, "Scream Machine's 'Zero' is every bit as good as 'Flesh Is Law' by Genitorturers." The follow up album, 'Devil Bitch' was no disappointment, ushering the industrial duo into a breakthrough year in 2011. With their aggressive, unique and now-trademark sound firmly enmeshed and developed, Scream Machine attempted their most ambitious release yet: a double LP titled ‘The Chronicles of Sin.’ And following that, now comes their electronic masterwork ’Sinister Flesh.’

Consisting of 12 tracks, ‘Sinister Flesh’ has once again proven that Scream Machine has a sound impossible to pin down. With songs like ‘Dynamo’ and ‘Worlds Collide’ already receiving high praise and play on radio stations all over the world, and the sexy video for the title track ‘Sinister Flesh’ speeding up pulses up all over the Internet, Scream Machine’s newest offering is guaranteed to increase their already-sizeable fanbase considerably, as well as assure their place with the more electronic-based acts.

Scream Machine receives play on many web and land radio stations all over the world such as Cyberage and Dark Essence Brisbane and in many bondage, fetish and S&M nightclubs, as well as many fetish venues, including London Fetish Fair and SPANK! Festival. Scream Machine was a featured artist on MyStage Music 5 times in 2009, was the theme song for the Halloween episode of HorrorAddicts and was voted "Best Band: Season 3" on . Scream Machine has collaborated with all manner of artists, including EBM powerhouse Fredrik Croona of Menschdefekt (former), Project Rotten and Cynical Existence and Dave Sussman of the legendary industrial metal band BILE. They have a forthcoming collaboration with Dan Clark of the Gothsicles, Dark Clan & Stromkern.


released October 31, 2012



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Scream Machine Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mixing dance beats and electro bass with more traditional percussion, industrial sounds, ominous guitars and Scream Machine frontwoman SinDelle Morte’s alternately sexy and ripping vocals, Scream Machine is not your everyday mainstream industrial sound. “It’s INDUSTRIAL. It’s supposed to be hard and heavy and gritty and nasty-sounding. We want to kind of get away from that over-processed sound.” ... more

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Track Name: Dynamo

I am failing

Once I lose my self-control
Stand back cuz I will explode
Where it stops I never know
A human fucking dynamo

I am like the hurricane
Hit you like a fucking train
I will fucking bring the pain
A sword of war into your brain

You have set the demons free
Now they rage inside of me
You could not begin to see
The damage that will be unleashed

I will crush your empty soul
I will leave a fucking HOLE
Rage inside just kills me slow
Volcano that’s about to blow


This is failing
Track Name: You Want It
Every time I see you
I cannot believe you
You control the weather
When we are together
Bringing down the thunder
Heavy metal wonder
Tornado in the distance
There is no resistance
(There is no resistance)
You are like a hot rod
I am like a live wire
You are like a weak god
I am like a brushfire
We are going up in flames
And there is no antidote
Fuck the pressure and the blame
Hang on, baby. Let it go.


I know you want it
I know you need it
I know you want it
I know you need it

Everywhere I go now
I can never slow down
Running just to catch you
Wish I never met you
I am only chasing
Things you are erasing
Watching from a distance
There is no resistance
(There is no resistance)
You’ve become a monster
Prototype imposter
Helium inflation
Deeper degradation
I can see the ending now
The way the bottom’s gonna drop
How it’s all just burning out
Doesn’t make me want to stop

Track Name: The Sick
Been awake for days and
My brain is thinking crazy
Don’t think that you can save me
I had it coming, maybe

I couldn’t brave the empty
I couldn’t face the tempting
I just succumb and lately
I feel my faith is fading

Yeah, my faith is fading…

Took a pill for my head
Try to stop the brain dead
Try to erase what they said
See, I have been so mislead

I was a non-believer
Fell victim to deceivers
I couldn’t face it either
Burning with the fever

Burning with the fever…

We are the sick
We are the discontent
We don’t submit
We cannot break or bend

We stand and fall
We seek to own the night
And we will crawl
Before we fail to fight

We are the sick
We are the new disease
Don’t miss a trick
The parasites and sleaze

We came to die
And we are not afraid
You feed us lies
We shove them back in your face

Disease is taking over
The end is getting closer
Resistance getting lower
Reactions getting slower

Infection in the bloodstream
Feeling cold and unclean
Freedom is a pipedream
Break away the old dream

Break away the old dream…



Track Name: The Serpent & The Rainbow
Breathing the toxin in
Put you to sleep
Bury you now

Breathing the toxin in
Put you to sleep
Put you to sleep

Your soul belongs to the witchery master
Dreaming awake for all the years that it lasted
Mind control, you slave your life away faster
Empty & cold. You're dead here in the hereafter

I own you
Track Name: The Candyman
It was power, total power
Desire born of loneliness
Every waking drunken hour
Fantasies, control, devour.

Trophies made from pieces kept.
Such a loss. It’s all that’s left.
Beauty in the skin so cold
Cutting. Sliding. Shining. Fold.

Obsession reeking from your pores
Create your mindless zombie-whores
Now you own them. They don’t leave.
A living doll. Your vacant dream.

They sip the potion to oblivion
Insensate. Objectified.
No humanity within you then
Turned on. Possessed. Electrified

Track Name: Ride
Down we go
Where we stop, nobody knows
Down we fall
Out into the light we crawl

I can take you on a ride so far
You'll never miss this world
You'll be above the stars
And I can promise you
This world will not miss you
You'll be a memory
Hey I can set you free
Track Name: Sinister Flesh
Sweat it moves across your body
Time to play. I’m a little bit naughty
Can you handle it?
Can you satisfy?
When it’s down & dirty in the dead of night

Will you scream for more?
Can you bleed for me?
Can you make me feel your need for me?
Is it not enough or is it all too much?
Can you sacrifice it all for lust?

Sinister flesh
Corrupting through touch
With every breath
Just a victim of lust

It’s taking you over
It’s breaking you down
It’s bringing you lower
The sweat and the sound
Track Name: Mirrors
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the emptiest of all?
Mirror, mirror show my face
I have nothing in this place

I have nothing

All the eyes are upon you now
Twist and turn, let’s take a bow
All the souls have become your slaves
A vacant tomb. An infected grave.

Mirror, mirror in my hand
Who’s the deadest in the land?
Mirror, mirror never lies
Reflecting all the empty eyes

I have nothing

Track Name: Worlds Collide
Across the time and space
I see you alone

I memorize your face
I need you alone

I speak the words of Fate
I seethe to the bone

You wreak of empty hate
You feed on your own

We bleed all alone
We bleed all alone

Worlds collide
When I make you mine
And I want the things that you hold inside
And I’ll take apart all the things you hide
And I’ll break you down and leave you behind

Arrange the hands of time
I see you alone

Possession makes you mine
I need you alone

You speak in empty rhyme
I seethe just to know

I’m dead, so far behind
I feed on my own

Worlds collide
When I make you mine
And I want the things that you hold inside
And I’ll take apart all the things you hide
And I’ll break you down and leave you behind

Cuz I hold the things that you’ve thrown away
And I keep the empty things you say
And I want the things that you kept from me
And I’m all the things that you want to be
Track Name: Pieces of You
A little bit of good time
Little bit of hard luck
Little bit of hard line
Little bit of good fuck

A little bit of heartbreak
Little bit of soul suck
Little bit of bone break
Little bit of no love

A little bit of no love

A little bit of endless
Little bit of never
Little bit of hopeless
Now it takes forever

A little bit of madness
Little bit of heavy
Little bit of sadness
Little bit of envy

A little bit of envy

These are the pieces of you
I can’t find them

A little bit of crazy
Little bit of temper
Little hellraising
A little pretender

A little bit of empty
Little bit of filled up
Little bit is PLENTY
Little bit of kill stuff

Little bit of kill stuff

A little bit of moonshine
Little bit of cobwebs
Little bit of downtime
Little bit of hot head

A little bit of foolish
Little bit of vicious
Little bit of cruelness
Counting all your wishes

Counting all your wishes

Pieces of you
All over the place
Reaching right through
Shards of your face

Pieces of you
Pieces of you

Pieces of you
All over the place
Reaching right through
Pieces of you