Moon in Libra [FREE EP]

by Scream Machine

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released February 14, 2013



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Scream Machine Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mixing dance beats and electro bass with more traditional percussion, industrial sounds, ominous guitars and Scream Machine frontwoman SinDelle Morte’s alternately sexy and ripping vocals, Scream Machine is not your everyday mainstream industrial sound. “It’s INDUSTRIAL. It’s supposed to be hard and heavy and gritty and nasty-sounding. We want to kind of get away from that over-processed sound.” ... more

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Track Name: Non Loquentem
It was a pale blue sky
When I opened up my eyes
There was nothing
You were bluffing but
I didn’t recognize
you were roaming for a moment
Could I be your one and only
You were searching for an urchin
Who would never leave you lonely
It was fine, you and I
Underneath a hazy sky
We were questing for a blessing
Under God’s all-seeing eye
When the devil came to take us
You were down already. Low.
When the heavens did forsake us
You could never let it go…
Track Name: Suicide Junkie
I’m in need
Of such salvation, baby
I can’t breathe
It’s this mutation maybe
You catch me
Before I smash myself and
I will bleed
All over everything

I can’t be
Any more hopeful, baby
I must be
Excised and open. Maybe
You could be
The rock I break against or
Just believe
That I’ll love you to DEATH
Track Name: Porcelain
You come near
I go far
You’re not here
In the stars
I watch you
Here alone
You come near
But I’m not home

I’m not made of glass
But just be careful with my mind
All things come to pass
So watch you don’t get left behind

I’m not made of stone
So just be careful what you say
You’ll be left alone
Watching all this fade away

All things fade away

You find me
But I’m not there
You scream out
To the air
I wish I
Could be like you
I wish I
Could see the truth