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by Scream Machine

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released April 11, 2015



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Scream Machine Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mixing dance beats and electro bass with more traditional percussion, industrial sounds, ominous guitars and Scream Machine frontwoman SinDelle Morte’s alternately sexy and ripping vocals, Scream Machine is not your everyday mainstream industrial sound. “It’s INDUSTRIAL. It’s supposed to be hard and heavy and gritty and nasty-sounding. We want to kind of get away from that over-processed sound.” ... more

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Track Name: Hell Has Frozen Over
Hell Has Frozen Over

It must've been that time we said
"You and me til we are dead"
And every time I think about
All the things we do without
All the ways we victimize
and I can't help but recognize
Me and you, and that loss we share
And the crushing cross we bear
Who but we could understand
Holding such pain in our hands?
Everybody thinks they know
But don't get why we can't let go
Everybody thinks they see
But no one knows 'cept you and me
In the end when it's all set down
Who the fuck else would be around
But me for you, and you for me?
And that's one thing they'll never see.
Inside of me where it's always empty
Nobody else could ever get me
Except for you, and that's the honest truth
It really doesn't matter what you do
Cuz in the end, it'll always be
nobody better for you than me
And you for me, because our past
They said this shit would never last, but

Hell has frozen over

I musta died and gone to hell
Cuz the shit I've seen, I could never tell
Maybe I died and fell to earth
And everything I do just makes it worse
But all I know is when I'm gone,
You truly made a place where I belong
Somewhere I could be myself
And misery could share the wealth
Maybe that's not what we were taught
But all you have is all you've got
When it comes to just us two,
If in my heart I don't trust you
Then I could never have made it past
The times I said it was the last
Always we come back around
Two off keys that make a sound
The music of two souls at war
There'll never be enough cuz there's always more
Always one more day left in me
Every time I think I'm empty
And that's the honest truth at last.
No bullshit. No games. No gas.
The honest truth, as I say it now
I mean these words that I'm laying down
The mad, mad season is in full swing
But don't think it don't mean everything
Because it does, and that's the truth
Don't think that you can shake me loose until

Hell has frozen over