Animal Farm [FREE EP]

by Scream Machine

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released March 25, 2014



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Scream Machine Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mixing dance beats and electro bass with more traditional percussion, industrial sounds, ominous guitars and Scream Machine frontwoman SinDelle Morte’s alternately sexy and ripping vocals, Scream Machine is not your everyday mainstream industrial sound. “It’s INDUSTRIAL. It’s supposed to be hard and heavy and gritty and nasty-sounding. We want to kind of get away from that over-processed sound.” ... more

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Track Name: Cattle
Living your life blind
cannot take the shock
You will never wake to see
Incessant, pointless talk

You will take the fall
Got you thinking now
Obliviously dancing while
Your Rome is burning down

You think that you can see
Who are your enemies
Puppets dancing happy
and you're living on your knees

Who will come to stand
For all the empty shells?
Crippled, empty, needing.
It's too late to save yourselves.

Here comes the wrecking ball
Get out of the way (x4)

Grazing empty minds
living under glass
you could never to stop to look
it's happening so fast

vacant protocol
digital deny
plugging in and tuning out
your life is going by

medicate the fear
enslaving all the weak
Clouding all the truth
and every answer that you seek

Legislate the mind
Obfuscate the past
Addicted to entitlements
This stand will be your last
Track Name: Elephants
The elephants are marching. To war.

Elephants are marching up and down the corridor
Elephants are buying up the sanctity of war
Elephants never forget. Elephants never regret.
Elephants are just the ones that you are dying for.

We've come so far along and now it's all too late.
Track Name: JACKA$$
Donkey see. Donkey do.
Donkey's just as good as you.

I am better than you cuz I'd never own a gun and
I am better than you cuz I care about the poor man
Don't believe in execution. I am for abortion.
Wanna share the wealth if I am not the one who's paying.

Science is my God cuz I am scared of all the unknown
Don't believe what I don't like. It doesn't matter what I'm shown.
I will close my eyes to everything that I am seeing.
Proof: it doesn't matter, because feeling is believing.
Track Name: No Justice. No Peace. [SPOKEN WORD]
When the men who pull the strings
Reach down with shears to clip our wings
When the men who hold our fates
Lock us in and close the gates
When the sky comes crashing down
Can you, will you stand your ground?
With demon eyes on every door
Demonized forever more
Will the best come to the fore,
battle-weak and weary? Sore?
When it's time to stand and fight
Can you stand for what is right?
Or is your weakness like a shroud:
Clinging just to hold you down?
The wolves are howling just outside
Hungry for what's been denied
They wait with bated breath to eat
The game their songs have put to sleep
Singing sweetly, soft and fine
Age the meat as slow as wine
But eager now to end the chase
Eager now to just erase.
Start the purge and cull the herd
Deaf songs from a hollow bird.
Will you refuse to live on your knees?
Will you choose instead to die as you please?
Will you beg the divine for your precious release?
Or will you sing the refrain of "No Justice. No Peace"?